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By interfacing advanced bioengineering strategies and stem cell biology, the overarching goal of the Lutolf Laboratory is to uncover mechanisms of stem cell fate regulation; knowledge that will contribute to better ways to grow stem cells in culture and use them for various applications. A major current focus of the lab is on coaxing stem cells in vitro into miniature, organ-mimicking constructs, termed ‘organoids’, by exposing them to well-controlled artificial signaling microenvironments. The lab’s ambition is to achieve organoid development in a more reproducible and ultimately predictable manner by ‘guiding’ stem cell-based self-organization. Beyond contributing to a better understanding of key principles of multicellular self-organization, this research should open up exciting prospects for drug discovery and regenerative medicine.

Selected publications

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Lutolf, M.P.*, Gilbert, P.M., and Blau, H.M.*, Designing materials to direct stem-cell fate, Nature, 462, 433-441 (2009)


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